Jam on Toast


Home grown Victoria Plums

Back in September, my Victoria Plum tree which I planted 4 years ago produced about 15 kg of wondeful tasty plums! It’s been low maintenance and reared totally organically having never been sprayed and being fed each spring by compost from our heap.

I made 10lbs of beautiful jam for spreading on toast this winter, a few plum crumbles for the freezer, and all the rest after we, our neighbours and friends had eaten our fill, I have lightly stewed and frozen.

Luscious jam preserving the plums for the winter.

The London Orchard Project

Fruit trees are wonderful and we would love to see more planted so everyone can join in the harvest. The author of Secret Seed Society’s Rudi Radish story has set up The London Orchard Project which aims to do just this, please support them. Orchards don’t take up much space, you can grow one against a wall, in your school, park, church, wherever there is a bit of spare land. Best of all, they need hardly any maintenance. So get planting.. now is the time!


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