“Do children think potatoes grow in polythene bags?”


Alan Titchmarsh said school children often “think potatoes grow in a polythene bag with Tesco or Sainsbury’s written on it”, and added: “It’s up to us to do our little bit to open their eyes, doors and windows to show them the delights of growing things.” There is a lot of effort being put into cooking, but I want to take it further back so they know how to grow things. It’s one of the basic skills of life.

“I don’t think they should feel looking after the environment is a burden – it’s a joy.”

Titchmarsh said in the Telegraph that “The most important thing in our society is to imbue our children with a sense of awe, wonder and delight at our gardens.”

Don’t worry Alan the Secret Seed Society is on the case. In a few years the UK will be filled with Seed Agents who know how to grow their own food and feel how exciting it is to embrace nature and work with it to create things of wonder even on a window ledge.

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