Activity Books To Get Children Creative In The Kitchen


With spring on the way and Easter barely behind us, there are now even more reasons to join the Secret Seed Society in its quest for healthy, happy kids. But after a long winter, it can be difficult to come up with fun, nourishing activities for when the sun does finally put his hat on. The Secret Seed Society’s range of activity books for children are an excellent way of getting the little ones active and engaged, while also providing good, wholesome meals with which to get creative.

Whether you’re a radish, bean sprout or pot of cress, there really is no substitute for sunshine and fresh air, and we know that children are no different. You’ll find everything you need in our Secret Seed Society Shop to get your little vegetables green-fingered and growing; including organic seeds and clear directions for use. And the fun doesn’t stop there. With each one of our range of activity books for children, there is also an imaginative recipe that gets kids experimenting with all of their healthy home-grown organic ingredients!

In today’s world, it is even more important than ever that we take steps to ensure that the next generation are living and eating healthily; and now is the time. Activity books for children are all you need to help develop your little ones’ natural intuition in the kitchen so that they can cook creatively from an early age. For example, our Mingo Mung book has over 1000 suggestions regarding how to use sprouts in the kitchen!

We believe that children get more involved in healthy eating when they’ve planted and grown the produce themselves under the guidance of the Secret Seed Society’s activity books for children. Ask yourselves, what could remind kids of spring’s ideals of renewal and regeneration more than experiencing the pleasure of watching their very own organic seeds grow and flourish in the spring sunshine, indoors or out?

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