“A Win-Win Postal Treat!” says Shakshuka


The (Not So Secret) Seed Society

As a child, I was always obsessed with the mail: boxes, letters, magazines, catalogs: the whole lot. I secretly had a crush on the postman, and loved loved loved the look of the UPS man coming in his flat brown shorts. Nothing bad ever came in the mail when I was young! As an adult, times have changed and bills fall like rain from the postbox now and I long for those carefree-mail days….

It’s not surprising given my love for the postal system that I have an online store where everything goes by post! Having said that, I am clearly a supporter of all things mail-related from online stores to catalogs. I love the idea of ordering something at 1am in my pyjamas with a glass of wine next to the computer (which can also be lethal depending on what number of glass you’re on…) and then the package arriving a few days later like a surprise you (almost) forgot about! That is what I feel like when I look at this Secret Seed Society membership. It combines two of my favorite things: postal treats and a food-ucational experience for both children and parents. Double yay!

The Secret Seed Society Seed Agent Subscription works like this: you receive periodically a set of 5 seed packets and accompanying stories (which explain the seeds, how to plant them, etc) that you can plant at different times of the year. The subscriptions are recommended for children from 3-7 years, and even though my daughter is only 2.5 years, I have seen her eyes light up from seeing the cilantro grow that we planted weeks ago, so I know this would be for her (or me too). The Secret Seed Society also has other individual packages available that seem like equal learning fun – like Chrissie Cress Story & Seed Pack and Mingo Mung Story & Seed Pack. Best of all, there’s also info for us parents who weren’t born with a green thumb……a win/win postal treat!

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