Ladies who lunch?


An apple is a great place to meet ladybirds, Seed Agents.

At first glance it looks as if the ladybirds are eating these apples but usually they prefer to eat other insects. You might not think it, but ladybirds are carnivores, in other words they are hunters who eat meat, well juicy little insects.

Gardeners like ladybirds (or as some people call them, ladybugs) because they hunt down the pests who live off the plants. Ladybirds wear pretty polka dots and waddle up and down in a way that’s harmless to us, but not to the smaller vegetarian pests like greenfly or aphids (which is the name for young greenfly, before they grow wings).

These are aphids. You

So what did eat those apples? It’s likely to have been a wasp or two, who started to eat from the apple and then flew away. The ladybirds are probably just licking up the left-over juice because they’re thirsty.

Look at this sugar-loving wasp filling its belly!

If you want to know more about garden insects you can check out this website.

But don’t blame all your half-eaten fruit on the wasps! There are a lot of other creatures who might have chomped on that apple you were saving…

Can you see who is eating this one?

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