Once upon a Pea: the Story of the Farmer


There was once a poor hungry farmer…

All he owned was small plot of land and a handful of old peas that were too hard to eat.

‘What shall I do?’ He thought and thought, with his tummy rumbling.

Then he had an idea. He went outside and carefully pressed the old peas that were too hard to eat into the ground. Then he watered them with a watering can.

A few days later some little shoots appeared in the ground and he made a bit of netting to protect them.
Then he carefully removed some different, grassy leaves that he noticed coming up among his pea-shoots.
Everyday the farmer watered and protected his plants, and watched them grow.

Soon flowers appeared and these turned into round pods. The pods swelled and the farmer picked them and had a delicious crunchy lunch.
More pods appeared and he still cared for his plants and he still had some lovely lunches.

Autumn came along in October and he stopped picking his pods and let them grow and grow. The peas grew big and round. They bulged inside their thin pods.

One day the farmer went out and picked all the pods that were left.
He took all the big round peas out of the pod and put them in a big bowl. He left them to dry and go hard.

The next year at Springtime, he got his bowl of old peas that by now were too hard to eat out and what do you think he did?

In a few years time the farmer’s fields were full of pea plants, and his tummy had stopped rumbling all the time. He took all the ones he couldn’t eat himself to the market and was very happy to share his tasty fresh peas with everyone.

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