Giant Vegetables spotted at Books for Cooks!


It was all over the news!

Giant Vegetables capering around fashionable West London Books-for-Cookshop!

Secret Seed Society went and camped on Portobello Road the other day, outside Books For Cooks. It’s a wonderful bookshop, but our hats didn’t fit inside the door, so we stood outside. We lured in passers-by and turned them into friends, and sometimes Seed Agents!

See! There!

Amy approaches looking harmless enough… and then

Brandishes her apples!

‘Seed City storypacks are a worthy investment, Madams…’

Our new friends were intrigued by the lady in the carrot...

I'll take two!

I'll take four!

I was having such a good time my false teeth almost fell out!

Thank you everyone at Books for Cooks!

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