Bake Tip #1: Quince with Jumbo Sultanas and Prunes!


Cold? Hungry? Try a bit of baking!

The idea is to take a fruit or vegetable and bake it ’til it bursts! It’s very simple. You just have to be patient and wait for it to cook.

It’s best to grab a Grown-Up to help you with these cutting and cooking projects… They can be a bit dangerous.

I got this cooking idea from Shena’s tasty Melted Apples…

But instead of using apples I thought I’d try something new.

This fruit is called a Quince:

And those are Sultanas, and those are
a load of Prunes…

I thought it might be fun to do a bit of carving… But Halloween was two weeks ago. I’m sorry if I made the Quince look a bit scary.

So, first things first, the oven is switched on so the fruit can get nice and toasty.

By now the Quince will be all mushy and soft and steaming. I loved it, the whole kitchen filled up with the smell of baked fruit!

I then added some porridge and nuts, and shoveled it into my big greedy mouth! And down my shirt too…Oops!

Let us know how you got on and what other fruity baking ideas you come up with at

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