Simple Vegetable Soup


Brrr! It’s cold and your nose has turned red, but we know a way to keep warm inside and out!

You can keep the whole family cosy and save some money with a Soouuper Soup! It’s a great way to use up what you have left over in your fridge or pantry, or you can buy some fresh seasonal veg if you have no leftovers.

From two bowls of veg you can make 4 bowls of hot soup!

So, unless you like your soup dirty you had better wash your veg. Chop large root vegetables (like potatoes and squash) into approx 2cm cubes.

Ask your Grown Up how to use a sharp kitchen knife (Hint, for big vegetables such as pumpkin and potato get your Grown Up to cut the veg into thick slices for you) to chop up…

Bigger and smaller bits really don’t matter the challenge is to cut 2cm cubes – I’m sure you will be surprised how good you are at it.

Medium veg like carrots and cabbage can be sliced, and small veg like peas can just be used whole.

In a saucepan heat some oil or butter and then add the veg. Stir and toss for 5mins until they are beginning to soften. Add a stock cube, or a collection of your favourite herbs and spices in a pint of water. Stir, cover and simmer for 20 mins.

If you like a smooth soup you can zap it with a blender. Check your seasoning and the soups thickness, re-heat and serve.

Dress it up! … You can get fancy and add a swirl of cream, a spoonful of chopped spring onion or fresh herbs. THOUSANDS of different soups can be made in this way. Just keep experimenting.

Stop! Have you and your Grown Up made a really special soup with a delicious flavour? Send us the recipe (e-mail to and a picture of you in action and you could be the Seed Agent of the Month.

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