When baking goes wrong…


Peter Parsnip’s recipe is simple and I had all the ingredients to make it work…

So where did I go wrong? Somehow Peter Parsnip‘s tartlets came out a million times better than mine.

First of all I decided I was too clever to use regular bought bread… I had to try and make my own.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with my ingredients. I cooked them all up in a pan with a small bit of oil, which I also used to grease a tin, which I then filled with my special dough. Then it was ready to be filled with veg, and crimped or folded on the top.

You can see how my pastry looks different from the kind of pastry that Peter Parsnip used. But that was only half the problem, as you’ll see in a second.

I switched the oven on and stuck the tartlets in, and fifteen minutes later the tartlets were ready. But oops – butterfingers! I tripped when bringing them out, and dropped all of my dee-lish-us tartlets down the front of the oven.

I’m a believer in the 3 second rule so I scooped the mess up and put them on a plate. I don’t think my sweetheartlet is going to be too happy. . . They don’t look as nice as Peter’s tartlets!

What do you think Peter?

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