MISSION: Cooking tips for the Eggless


If you can’t find any eggs, or are allergic to them, here are Chrissie’s top tips for cooking without eggs.

“Hi hi! I’ve looked all over the place but can’t find my eggs anywhere… I’ll have to find something else to use instead. Eggs are used in cooking for lots of things, like making the other ingredients stick together, and making things fluffy. But there are also other ingredients that can be used instead of eggs.

The first thing to do is think what kind of a recipe you are making. Are you making sweet cakes or savoury flippers? You probably don’t want to use any cheesy-tasting or tomato-tasting ingredients if you’re trying to make a chocolate cake.

You can use 1/4 cup of the following ingredients instead of 1 egg:

SWEET:– silken tofu, banana, fruit puree (apple is good), soy yoghurt…

SAVOURY:– silken tofu, mashed potato, tomato puree, rolled oats, cornflour, bread crumbs…

And did you know you don’t have to use eggs to make pancakes and Flippers?

Your MISSION this month is to cook something using one of Chrissie’s Eggs In Disguise… Send us a picture, at fun[at]secretseedsociety.com.

You can try it out with our fun flipper recipe, we can tell you all about Flippers here. . .

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