Secret Seed Society Garden at Butterfly World 2011


Thank you Seed Agents! The garden at Butterfly World has sprouted!

Secret Seed Society are building a garden at Butterfly World! Here is a picture of the Seed Agents who sowed the very first seeds. Their vegetables are growing right now in the earth.

The garden is far from finished so we would love your help. Anyone who helps with painting, seed-sowing or any other jobs will have their name included on a plaque.

We started with bare earth, but visited Butterfly World only 10 days after the first seeds were sown and –> look! –> they had already started to grow. Eventually we will build Seed City here, a vegetable garden for Seed Agents to look after.

On May 21st we will be painting signs and making other decorations, and planting a lot more seeds of course. Come and join the gardening team!

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