Gardening Mission: Make Your Own Garden Row Markers


Grandpa Swede Needs Your Help!

Down at the Seed City allotment Grandpa Swede has been so busy planting lots of lovely new vegetables that he can’t even tell his carrots from his potatoes!

Your Mission Seed Agents is to design your very own vegetable row markers so that you don’t repeat Grandpa Swede’s mistake.

There are many different things you can use to make your row markers – wooden lollipop sticks, milk cartons, tofu containers, yoghurt pots…the list is endless!

Secret Seed Society have given you a head start in your ‘What Will I Be’ Carla Carrot pack, and also your ‘Bong Bong Bongity Bong’ Rudi Radish pack as they have 2 lollipop sticks ready and waiting for you to decorate!

If you need more row markers or feel like being creative then follow the instructions below and you’ll have your very own personalised row markers in no time!

What Materials Will You Need?

  •  Wooden lollipop sticks or the flat side of your chosen recycled plastic
  •  Marker pens, Crayons, Colouring Pencils or Paints
  •  Scissors

How to Make a Row Marker :

Step 1 :

Find a Grown Up and search through your Recycle Bin for anything plastic.
You could use the flat side of milk cartons, tofu containers, yoghurt pots, or anything else that is strong.

Step 2 :

Get a marker pen and draw out a template of your row marker on one side of the plastic – make sure one end of your marker is pointed so that it can dig into the ground. It should measure approximately 12cm.

Step 3 :

Once you have your template you can decorate your row markers with lots of bright colours! Try drawing pictures of the vegetables, or writing the name of the Seed City Character you are growing!


Step 4 :

Next you need a Grown Up to help you cut out your row marker with a pair of scissors.

Step 5 :

Now you’re ready to stick your personalised row markers into the soil!


Remember to share the photos of your vegetable row markers with us for a chance to be our next Seed Agent of the Month! email Secret Seed Society HQ

Maybe Grandpa Swede will remember to make his vegetable row markers next time he sows his seeds!


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