How easy is it to grow mushrooms from coffee waste?


At Edible Garden we purchased a mushroom growing box from Fungi Futures.

 What we want to know is how easy are they to grow and will they taste of coffee?! To find out follow here…

Day 1 removed bag, cut slots and soaked!

Day 2 drained and kept looking… sign of growth!

Coffee grounds recycled into mushroom compost

Day 3….Is there any change?

Home grown mushrooms

Keep spraying to keep them moist

Day 4 to day 11

We’re spraying and looking, spraying and looking we’re just about to give up when we think we can see something changing.

I think There is something happening at last

Can you see a change in this close-up?

Day12,Yes, there is a change!

There is a change

Look to the left just above half way up!

Day 13 So exciting! Look! Look! Look!

The Mushrooms are starting

See the tiny mushrooms just appearing.

Day 15. Looking good.

Lovely mushrooms growing really quickly.

Look at these beautiful and unusual mushrooms

Day 16, This is what we have been waiting for, mushrooms ready to eat…lets see what they taste of.

Freshly picked mushrooms grown in a bag of coffee waste.

Unusual pale mushrooms picked and ready to cook. Yummy!

I have picked them and fried them gently and they taste of……….drum roll……..mushrooms! Not a hint of coffee taste.

Gently frying my home grown mushrooms

The home grown mushrooms sizzling in the pan.

Am I disappointed? Well it would have been interesting if they had been coffee flavoured but on the whole I think I like mushrooms that taste of mushroom. What about you?

To try this yourself have a look here at the different grow kits available at Fungi Futures.

7 thoughts on “How easy is it to grow mushrooms from coffee waste?

  1. Hello, it’s Adam here from Fungi Futures. Great to see your blog of the growing process! How are they getting on – have little baby mushrooms started to poke out yet? It usually happens around day 7 or 8 after opening – out of the blue you’ll start to see mushroom ‘pins’ form, and these will then grow really fast!

      • Just to keep it out of direct sunlight – the air is quite dry at the moment, so spraying and keeping shaded is good. When they first appear, they are so tiny – it’s hard to recognise them as mushrooms even – just little bumps!

        How many days ago did you open? They will come soon – sometimes just takes them a couple days extra to muster the strength! They often form around the edge of the box, coming out from under the grow bag edges – where it is a bit more humid.

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