How Secret Seed Helps Learning


What we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and do gives us six main ‘pathways to learning’. Young people are intensely curious and should be given the opportunity to use all of their senses to explore the world around them.

The potential for learning is maximised if we use the powerful combination of visual, audio and kinaesthetic (doing) ways of learning as well as providing children with the freedom to be creative and informally learn through play. The value of learning outside  the classroom is now forming part of many new educational initiatives, and the ethos of SSS’s work is to compliment and facilitate this. We can help you with our interactive theatre show, workshops and lesson ideas

The educational value of SSS means that it is addressing statutory curricular requirements within a cross-curricular and creative way.

Literacy: Each story is designed to challenge and stimulate readers in early KS2. Imaginatively animated pictures alongside the text also allow younger children (KS1) to enjoy following and responding to the stories. Grammatical structure and use of developing techniques such as alliteration and metaphor provide extensions for engagement with the text.

Science & Technology: The illustrations are designed to familiarise children with the name of a wide range of vegetables. The context for the stories relate to understanding the purpose, value and nature of plants, food and growing. Children learn how to grow their own seeds, and to understand what is needed to turn a seed into food. Linked to each seed type are accompanying recipes which connect plants with our diet, and allow children to explore the sensory qualities of materials, and healthy eating.

– SSS’s website is filled with interactive links so children can share experiences of growing seeds and making recipes. With links to facebook, twitter and a SSS blog site, children can share their experiences of reading, growing and cookery within a safe and secure environment.

Art and Design: The books and website feature original artwork where characters and settings are created using an imaginative combination of collage and photography to create a visual storyboard which follows alongside the text. The images themselves introduce children to mixed-media art and design which lend to creative follow-up projects. Also featured on the website is a short animation film which could be transferred to school projects.

Personal development: Children need to understand more about the world in which they live, and how they interact with the natural environment and its resources. Children build creative and independence skills through direct experiences of growing seeds and cooking, allowing them to become better problem-solvers, increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Sustainable development: The need for our future generation to be aware of the need for sustainability is a priority in learning for life. SSS holds this principle at heart with all products used in producing the book and accompanying resources being sourced from sustainable plant materials. Children gain an insight into recycling, and alternative ways in which to produce materials without being harmful to the environment and to limit waste.

Other curricular areas: Geography (interacting with the environment); and Citizenship, the books are designed to promote togetherness, reading together, planting together, cooking together and eating together a complete journey.

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