Children from Wooldale Centre for Learning love the new Theatre Show!


The Secret Seed Society Theatre Show ‘What’s the Big Secret?’ recently made a special visit to Bright Horizons Wooldale Early Care & Education Centre and Caroline Chisholm Primary School in Northampton.  The Show took the children on an exciting and educative adventure with the vegetable characters of the Seed City Series where they learnt the joys of growing, cooking and eating veg.

The children were welcomed into a hall and entertained by the likes of Grandpa Swede, Carla Carrot, and the eccentric scientist and his friendly Gro-bot who were all there to teach the audience how fun and easy it can be to grow your own food!

The children were then taken on a delightful journey from pot to plate! They ‘mashed’ and they ‘cried’ with their veg in a game of idenitfication. They discovered the art and precision to sowing a seed and also learnt the magic of the allotment.  The Show ended with Grandpa Swede teaching the children how to make his famous (and very delectable) vegetable stew.

All stewed out the children were finally let in on the ‘Big Secret’ and invited to join the Secret Seed Society ‘Seed Agent Club’ where they will learn even more about how things grow, smell and taste!  They went away from the show with a wonderful little gift which would take them on a new adventure with vegetables and enable them to practice what they learned in the Show.

We were pleased to hear that the Show was enjoyed immensely by both children and staff:

“The children loved the show – the actors were great and enthusiastic – they loved singing and enjoyed the opportunity to take part.”
(Primary School Teacher).

“The children loved watching the show, singing and taking part” (Nursery Teacher).

 For more information on the Secret Seed Society Theatre Show ‘What’s the Big Secret’ and how we can visit your school please contact us by e-mail here.


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