Tasty recipes make vegetables irresistible to the whole family


As the club for children that love to grow, cook and eat vegetables, Secret Seed Society was thrilled to review Arthur Potts Dawson’s recipe book, Eat Your Veg. Here is what happened when we showed it to some of our Secret Seed Agents.

Arthur Potts Dawson's book that excites the senses around delicious food.

Wonderful taste combinations for the whole family to enjoy cooking and eating.

The pages were quickly turned, we all “oohed” and “aahed” over the colourful dishes. Mouth watering photography and plenty of tasty recipes left us hungry to get cooking and eating vegetables.

We encourage being brave with new flavours and Arthur’s book was full of inspiration to get adventurous in the kitchen, like pea & mint lollipops, adding ginger to his carrot soup, pairing parsnip with lemon, rocket with watercress oil, beetroot with cumin and coriander.

Secret Seed Society helps families make the most of what they have in their garden, in store or left over.  We’re not fans of recipes that are too prescriptive and make you feel you have to go and buy lots of ingredients because nothing else will do. We think it makes you a less creative cook and also leads to waste, especially when you grow your own veg. We felt Arthur was on the same page as us, keen that nothing should be wasted, he uses discarded asparagus trimmings to make ‘Waste not Asparagus Soup’.

Arthur Potts Dawson has produced a glorious new book Eat Your Veg

Arthur is keen to excite people about veg.


Arthur has been a hero of ours for some years for his work with the Shoreditch Trust and Peoples Supermarket. We love these projects as they make better growing, cooking and eating choices accessible to new audiences.


This beautiful book will inspire the whole family to cook a rainbow of veg whatever the season and we will be asking Secret Seed Agents to design some alternative lolly flavours. Umm, butternut squash and rosemary?

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