Seed City Mayor draws the Kitchen Garden winning tickets.


Earlier today Mayor Okra paid a visit to Seed City Lido to see everyone enjoying the Summer and congratulate Carlos Cauliflower for helping all the Seedizens have such a good time.

Later she returned to her office in the Aubergine where she drew out the winners in the Kitchen Garden competition. So many entries and so many correct answers, round she stirred then dipped her Ladies Fingers in and pulled out 3 winning tickets.

‘The winners are….’ she announced whilst Rudi gave a roll on his bongoes ‘Heather Adaway, Gillian McDonald and Diana Hancock. Well done! Peter Parsnip will shortly be sending you your boxset packs, I wish you all Happy Growing, Cooking and Eating.’ she concluded before running off to ride her bike up to the Seedy Cafe for lunch.

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