Top tips to stop bugs eating your veg


Are garden beasties eating your freshly grown veg before you can?

Earthworms are excellent friends in the garden Here are our top tips to help you identify pests and protect plants with environmentally friendly and economical ammunition.

If you spend your time sowing, watering and looking after plants we think it’s only fair that you get to eat some of the garden too.

Creepy crawlies are important to keeping your garden healthy so before you point a finger of blame at every creepy crawly in your garden check out our guide.

Some creatures are very popular with gardeners, like worms and bees, while slugs and caterpillars are the least popular. But, without caterpillars there would be no beautiful butterflies and without slugs hedgehogs would be hungry. Here’s some tips on how to play your part in creating a balanced ecosystem and preventing the bugs from eating ALL your food. Here’s how?

Each crop has its own enemy. So Seed Agents here is your mission:

Click on the images below for tips of how best to protect your veg patch!

Protect your Plants

Confuse your Pests

Pick Off Pests

Other Ammunition

Let us know how you got on by sending in a photo of your Secret Seed Agent work in action!

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