The Man With Unusual Fruit…


Look at this man

His apple is tiny! It's so small that you could probably fit 7 of them inside one regular supermarket bought apple! Anyway...

He is the Man with Unusual Fruit and Veg.

Menka met him the other day. He spends his life in search of vegetable oddities, like the teensy apple you can see him holding above.

A lot of people think vegetables should look normal but because there are so many kinds of fruit and vegetable that there isn’t really such thing as normal.

Look at all these craaaaaazy veg varieties we’ve found!…

Purple Potatoes!

Extra long leeks!

Even carrots that look like Buzz-Lightyear!

And people can be weird too…

Here’s another example: the Man with Unusual Fruit and Vegetables gave Menka a yellow cauliflower. It’s actually very beautiful. Look at it:

Menka was so amazed and inspired by the yellow cauliflower, have a look what happened to her!

She went cauli-crazy!

Menka turned yellow with cauli-power!

The Man with Unusual Fruit and Vegetables has a name, you know. He’s called Mark and he works at Ash Green Organics.
Thank you Mark with Unusual Fruit and Vegetables for showing Menka your unusual vegetables!

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