Great Fruit & Vegetable Gifts for Kids


Secret Seed Society Shop has a collection of original, ethical and educational presents to be enjoyed by children and grown-ups together. The fruit & vegetable characters from the stories are loveable. From Rudi Radish to PC Pea Pod, every fruit and vegetable has a different story to tell and by collecting the storybooks you meet over 40 different characters. Each storybook comes with a packet of seeds to grow the lead character on your windowsill or in your garden. Kids love being part of a club and helping out, by being a ‘Seed Agent’ of the Secret Seed Society kids learn how to enjoy gardening and cooking fruit & vegetables.

Gardening & cooking

Chrissie Cress’ or Mingo Mungbean’s Story & Seed Pack.
I recommend either of these packs for a super speedy, indoor growing adventure.







Starter Kit £12

The ultimate Starter Kit ; storybook and seeds of your chosen vegetable and funky windowsill propagator. The propagator is colourful, re-usable and made from recycled plastic in the UK.




NEW! Hand Forged Secret Seed Society Trowel £15 not just for kids!

This is a beautifully crafted tool for keen young gardeners or those with smaller hands. Made in Holland to last a life-time. Combine with Story & Seed Packs for the complete Secret Seed Society experience. 








Our most popular gift, the first 4 Story & Seed Packs as a Boxset. All printed in the UK with vegetables inks. READ, GROW, COOK & EAT.








NEW!PERSONALISED Garden Tool Giftset £60  not just for kids!

These tools will last a lifetime. A spade, mattock and rake with long handles will cover most of the gardening jobs. Great for raised beds. The tools will now arrive in the New Year, so we will send a Secret Seed Gift card to your lucky recipient for Xmas to let them know their tolls will arrive shortly.








Get in touch if you have any questions about our products or would like to have Secret Seed Society at your Xmas Fayre, we can offer you a retailer discount if you’d like to sell them for your fundraiser.

Best Amy & Shena xx

I love TED talks so I was well chuffed to get asked to talk about ‘My Adventures with Vegetables’

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