Tartlets for your sweetheartlet


Easy recipe for kids to cook tarts

February 14th is a strange time called Valentine’s Day, when a lot of Grown Ups go bonkers and buy flowers and chocolate for their best friends.

This got Peter Parsnip thinking. As usual all his pocket money was spent so this is what he did…

… Peter decided that instead of buying a present he would MAKE one! And for this he thought up a special Valentine’s Day recipe!

This is what he used:

  • Bread
  • Some oil
  • A heap of colourful vegetables (about a small cup full for each tart)
  • Some cheese for melting
  • Tomato puree
  • A patty tin to bake your tartlets in.

(Should take about half an hour altogether)

“I’ll show Chrissie Cress she is my best friend by making her some lovely tartlets,” he decides, looking around his kitchen for inspiration.


Peter drinks his tea & uses the mug to cut out 6 circles of bread, he then flattens them with a rolling pin.

After pressing them into a well-oiled patty tin he chops a heap of colourful vegetables (750g of onions, spinach, peppers etc) and softens them up in a pan with some oil for 10 minutes or so.

When its nicely mushy he plonks it all into the patty tins and adds a little grated cheese, and stands back to admire his work.

Something is missing…’ He thinks, like any great chef. And then, ‘Aha!’ he gets it:

Peter thoughtfully squeezes a heart of tomato puree onto the top of the soft veg-filling, and slides the tasty tarts into the oven to bake for 15-20 minutes on a medium heat.

And then what happens? His sister Carla Carrot comes and sticks her nose in. She peers through the glass in the oven door.

Oooh are those for me? Oh brilliant! You must really love me!

Of course I do!’ Peter tells his sister, and says to himself, ‘Phew. Lucky I made six of them!

How do your tartlets look?

Send us a picture via e-mail before they all get eaten.

Basic recipes like Peter’s are perfecto because you can be really creative and add all your own ingredients. 

All the fun of making, and scrumptious eating too! Unless you make a big mess of course… I had a go and things went a bit wrong. Click here to see What Happens When Baking Goes Wrong...

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  1. this is such a activity and such a wonderful site for kids. i can’t wait to share this great resource with the schools participating in our garden program. Thanks!

    Yemi Amu

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