Kids upcycling project: seed propagator


What you need.
Plastic container/s that fruit or cakes are sold in
News paper
Vermiculite (optional)

My containers had grapes in. I try to buy unpackaged fruit but these were a gift.

These containers had grapes in them.

Re-cycle containers to germinate seeds

Other containers you can use are often sold with cakes in and have a hinged lid.
Mine have some holes in the bottom so before I fill one with compost I line it with newspaper.

Line with newspaper if it has holes in it

It is good to have drainage holes but line with newspaper to prevent the compost going through

Then fill with moist compost and firm gently, this means tap the compost with your fingers flat, you don’t want it to be solid but also you don’t want big air pockets.

Firm the compost with flat fingers

Use your fingers to press gently on the compost

Water your compost if it is a little dry. I use a spray as you don’t want it too wet.

Moist compost is important to allow seeds to germinate.

Moisten compost with a spray, moist not saturated

Pour a few seeds from the packet into your palm ready to sow.
Cabbage seeds ready to sow.

Cabbage seeds ready to sow

Sprinkle the seeds all over the compost. These can be quite close as you will prick them out once they have a real leaf.
Cabbage can be sown quite thickly ready to prick out.

Can you see the seeds?

Cover your seeds with a layer of compost or vermiculite just a couple of millimetres deep.
Compost or vermiculite covers the cabbage seeds.

A thin layer of compost or vermiculite

Water again.
Seeds need a lot of watering to germinate.

Water well again!

Put the other container over the top to seal in moisture and warmth. Mine has holes in the top so I am also covering it with a polybag.
The other container will make a top.

Invert the other container to make a mini-green greenhouse.

Make sure you label your seeds as all green seedlings look the same.
Cabbage seeds

Make a label for your seedlings.

Stand your propagator in a sunny place. Just a couple of days and the seeds are beginning to grow.

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