Vegetables provide the entertainment at London’s children’s parties


The best kids parties are full of colour, music, games and laughter. A Secret Seed Society children’s party will bring you all this with vegetables as the stars, the heroes, the entertainers. Your guests will leave with a bounce in their step and an excitement for growing and eating vegetables.

“Vegetables are great food for the imagination, the colours, textures, flavours, and processes from growing, to cooking and finally composting.” Ash Perrin, Secret Seed Society Entertainer.

The parties bring to life characters from the Seed City storybooks. If your child has a favourite vegetable or character let us know and we’ll incorporate it into the show. if you want a special theme just let us know; Pirate Parsnips, Ghoulish Gourds, Princess and the Pea. Remember Cinderella went to the ball in a pumpkin!

Sugar coated pink cup cakes and over the top goodie bags are out, London’s best children’s entertainers are ready to pick up their box of vegetable tricks and visit your party! The parties are adapted to suit your group. We recommend our parties for 3-9 years old.

We provide party bags and prizes that provide fun and inspiration for all the kids after the party has ended without compromising your eco and ethical standards.

Secret Seed Society has worked to make vegetables more loveable through storybooks, theatre shows and workshops but now you can invite us to your birthday party.
Email with the details of your party and we will let you know if we can make it and give you a quote, or call Amy 07779 080776.
Secret Seed Society kids parties are currently available in London, if you are not London based please contact us to express your interest.
Specs: max 30 kids, 2 hours, space provided / chosen by you.

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