How to grow microgreens with children


Chrissie Cress, uncovers the latest fashion for microgreens and how easy it is to grow your own.
What are Microgreens? Microgreens are leafy vegetables harvested when the stem and leaf are roughly 3-5cm high.
How to grow Microgreens: Microgreens can be grown indoors, all year round. Some daylight is required. If you would like to grow something indoors without daylight try sprouting.

Why use a propagator A propagator speeds up the germination and growth process by giving the seeds the perfect conditions of warmth and moisture. You’ll need to water them less and you’ll get faster growth.

Make your own propagator by following the Upcycled Propagator Project using plastic containers.

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Microgreens are easy to grow, as easy as growing cress
“Nearly everyone has given growing cress a go. It’s often the first thing people try to grow as children. Kids are often creative with cress, growing it in egg shells with faces on, and on their granny’s carpet while grownups seem to have forgotten how good cress tastes with eggs at breakfast or in a summer salad. I recently noticed that grownups are secretly growing cress and serving it in restaurants and dinner parties by the name of Microgreens!” revealed Chrissie Cress.

Different varieties of microgreens
Mustard Cress

Setting up your propagator for micro greens

  • Growing time 2-4 weeks.
  • Fill your pots with a light moist seed compost.
  • Avoid composts which contain peat, they aren’t good for the environment.
  • Scatter seeds densely in each pot.
  • For example seeds per 2cm pot: rocket 15, radish 10, peas 4.
  • Cover the seeds with compost and firm gently.
  • Water well.
  • Put on the lid and leave in a sunny place.
  • When they are 3-5cm tall cut from the stem.
  • To plant more, just sprinkle new seeds on top and cover with compost.

Microgreens are nutritious, tasty and look cool on the plate.

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