Helping Children garden up-close with a proagator.


Propagators show children growing in a protected environment. This means more success and easier for them to understand. Also some crops like micro greens are ready to eat in a short time frame. Here is how to acquire and set up a propagator and what to use them for.


Planting seeds for germination in your propagator.

Attractive re-cycled plastic windowsill propagator

A. Why do I need a propagator? 
A propagator is very useful for several things:

1. Starting seeds growing (germinating)

2. Growing micro-greens

3. Growing cuttings (bits off an already growing plant)

B. How does it work?
A propagator traps moisture and prevents evaporation. It also shelters small plants from draughts.

C. Making a propagator.
Re-use the clear plastic containers that supermarkets use for selling everything from cakes to fruit.

D. Buying a propagator.
They are readily available from garden stores but not that attractive for your windowsill.

Buy a flower shaped propagator already complete with pots looks much prettier on your windowsill!

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