Harry Birtwistle’s Magnificent Plum & Almond Cake


Harry taught me to make a quick, easy and magnificently plum-packed cake while I was staying with him. It’s based on a Nigel Slater recipe but with twice as many plums as Nigel dares to put in. It’s a great recipe for fallen plums or for those just ripe because it hides the gooey bits and sweetens any tartness.

Harry loves growing and cooking vegetables and he reminds me of Grandpa Swede because he’s wise and kind and a good teacher. This is a video of Harry in his garden and talking about composing music, you get a peek of the plum tree from which I picked the plums for this cake.

In the UK plums ripen around August time. If you don’t have your own tree keep your eyes peeled for ones in public spaces, belonging to neighbours or friends. People are often overwhelmed by the quantity of plums they have and are grateful of help to eat them.

400g-600g fruit
150g Sugar
150g Oil (olive/ walnut/ sunflower)
3 eggs
110g spelt/ wholemeal flour
90g ground almonds
1.5 tsp baking powder

Line an oven proof dish approx 20cm x 20cm with greaseproof paper.
Warm oven to 180ºC.
Collect about 30 plums, cut in half and remove stone.
Beat the sugar, oil, eggs together by mixer or by hand.
If you fancy adding a spice or essence this is your chance.

In a separate bowl sieve together the flour, ground almonds and baking powder.
Mix the wet mix into the dry mix.
Pour into the baking tin.
Push the fruit into the the cake mix. The plums will stick up out of the mix. Lean them on each other so that you can fit
Cook for 30 mins then check and reduce to 160ºC for 10 mins.

I think it will work with different fruits. I tried it with apples sprinkled in cinnamon and it was delicious too. Let me know what you try in the comments below. Thanks.

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