Seed Agents forage for blackberries.


We are always pleased to get your photos. This is a photo of two Seed Agents, hard at work dodging the prickly brambles to forage blackberries from a hedge near where they live.

Foraging means finding food in the wild. At different times of the year their are different things on offer in the wild.

Picking food for free from the autumn hedgerow

Delicious! Evie can not resist the blackberry taste.



Have you foraged? if so please share your pics with us. send them to




 Evie and Leila please take a picture of what you make with these luscious blackberries.

These look ripe and juicy

The bramble is scratchy but the fruit is luscious!

Late Summer, early Autumn is the time to find blackberries, elderberries, crab apples, damsons and plums in the hedgerow.


Mmmm delicious!

Foraging in the autumn hedgerow.

 What will you make with what you pick?
Evie spies some blackberries high up.

Leila thinks there is enough already


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