Bruno Broadbean’s Flipper Recipe



– 1 cup of flour: wheat, spelt or buckwheat if you want them gluten free.
– 1 cup of liquid: dairy milk, water, soya milk, nut milk.
– 1 egg: or leave out the egg and add some extra liquid, mashed banana or apple sauce.
– Pinch of salt
– Baking powder: not essential but for a fluffier Flipper
– Spoon of grease: butter, oil or goose fat, if you dare.

How to cook

1. Dip a sheet of kitchen towel in the grease and rub the pan until shiny

2. Whisk the rest of the ingredients until you have formed a smooth batter.

3. If you have time to let your batter rest you can expect smoother Flipper, you can even leave it over night.

If you can’t wait crack on…

4. Grab a grown up to help you get your frying pan hot so that the grease is sizzling but not so hot it is burning.

5. Flippers only take a second to make, which is one reason why they’re so great.

6. Swirl the batter around the pan so it is evenly spread. Depending on how big you are and how big your frying pan is, you might need a grown up to do this for you.

7. Watch the batter turn into a Flipper.Wait till it’s solidified & then loosen the sides with a spatula.

8. Now it’s time for the FLIP! This is definitely something to learn from a grown up. Not many of them can do it and it’s fun to see them stick it to the ceiling, the floor and their own faces.

9. You should now be looking at one golden brown side of your flipper.
Wait for the other side to cook and then it’s done. Your first Flipper ready to fill!

. . . All you need to do now is keep on flipping until you and all your family are nicely full!

Maybe that's a few too many flippers for one person to handle.

For more on why we are now calling pancakes ‘flippersclick here and if you like cooking there are even more recipes and tips on our Recipes page.

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