Make your own Vegetable Mask


Vegetable Masks

Make and wear masks of your favourite fruit and vegetable characters from Seed City. This is perfect for a crafty classroom activity, family fun on a rainy days or an arty birthday party.

Vegetable Mask making

  • Skills: Observation and identification of vegetables. Colouring in and craft. Assembly of pieces.
  • Print out the PDFs to help you with your creation.
  • We recommend taking a look at the vegetable or fruit of the mask you are making to see the different textures and colours.
  • If you mount your mask on cardboard it will lasts longer and you can collage it in different materials.
  • Albon Asparagus Mask

    Albon Mask top JPG

    Albon Asparagus Mask PDF

    Carla Carrot Mask Bunches JPG

    Carla Carrot Mask JPG

    Carla Carrot Mask PDF

    Sanghita Mask

    Sanghita Mask JPG

    Sanghita Spring Onion PDF

    Stella Strawberry Hat JPG

    Stella Strawberry JPG

    Stella Strawberry Mask PDF

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