What’s a propagator?


My propagator

A propagator creates the perfect conditions for growing vegetables from seeds, keeping the soil moist and the air warm. You can buy a propagator like this in our shop
made out of recycled plastic and designed for re-use. You can craft a propagator out of a plastic food or drink container. By using a propagator your seedlings should be showing within a week.

Propagation is the process of creating new plants from seeds or cuttings. And we promise putting a propagator on your windowsill will bring you longer term excitement and with some care give you something to eat at the end.

Here’s some tips on propagating plants we put together with the help of young growers at Cultivate Waltham Forest.


Let propagation begin!! It’s super simple, fill your propagator with compost, seeds and water. Here are some tips that we found help.

Make less mess and save on compost by holding your pots over the bowl of compost while you fill them.

3 prop

Lay your seeds out on top of your pots and label them before covering them with a layer of compost, so you don’t end up double planting the same pot.

helping pot

Take the time to help younger growers learn how to do the simple tasks and then you can work as a team.

dirty hands

Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty, you can wash them later. Wearing an apron can help keep your clothes clean and give you something to wipe your hands on while your working.


Growing vegetables together as a family is a great way to start eating more healthily. The curiosity and enthusiasm for cooking from scratch will stretch beyond the things that you grow.


You can label the pots by cutting strips of plastic from yogurt pots or sticking card labels on cocktail sticks.

Don’t be disappointed if it all looks like cress, the first two leaves of most plants look the same.


While taking it in turns and helping each other is important making up challenges like racing your brother to sprout a seedling first makes nurturing and tracking the progress of your plants even more exciting.

Remember to wash your hands after gardening and water your seeds regularly to keep the soil moist.

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Traffic Light Propagator CU

The Traffic Light Propagator Kit has three different coloured propagators, three storybooks and three packets of seeds for the following vegetable characters: Rio Rocket, Rudi Radish and Carla Carrot. Available from Secret Seed Society Shop

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