This brussel sprout is off to the park

This brussel sprout is off to the park

While some children were hunting for chocolate eggs at their local shopping centre this past Easter, young visitors at The Mall Walthamstow were being initiated to the ways of the Secret Seed Society. The UK-based organisation, which works on urban food education as well as growing and expressive projects, brought its workshops to the centre to promote healthy eating and vegetable fun. Among the highlights: a stop-motion video that more than 50 children helped produced and which was set to Grow Food, a hip-hop track by America’s Appetite for Change.

The children spent two of the workshops designing the vegetable characters, sculpting them, animating them, and filming the final Vegenation video, unleashing their creativity and learning new skills.

“We love working with secret seeds, they are such an amazing organisation and every time we work with them they just grow in popularity,” noted Rebecca Marjoram, the centre’s marketing manager.

“They really engage with the children and young families to come up with fun activities to get them thinking, growing, and eating healthy.”

Other themes for the workshops held over Easter and the following week included scarecrow building, window farm, a Taste Adventure Lab, vegetable and kitchen puppetry, making wearable vegetable accessories, and creating portable sprout farms.

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