Vegetable Claymation makes it around the world!


This Claymation was made by children who visited our workshops in Walthamstow Shopping Mall. It has been watched and loved by people all over the world.

LOVE FROM THE STATES…Tess Montgomery from Appetite for Change wrote: “Amazing video! We love love love the creativity of the claymation and sculptures! We will be happy to share the video with our following!”

Appetite For Change provided us with the original music and here is their performance for the amazing track. This crew has definitely been eating their vegetables, they are all glowing with life!

LOVE FROM NEW ZEALAND…Our host space was The Mall, Walthamstow. A lively London shopping centre. Without their support none of our good work could take place. This article in their industry press celebrates their collaboration with us and has had people contacting us from New Zealand to ask how they can do more creative environmental and health projects in their community:


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