Mingo’s Big Pink Sprouting Bicycle


By just adding water and dry seeds to this bicycle hundreds of edible, highly nutritious and delicious seeds can be sprouted, this is a Sprout Farm on Wheels!

big pink bicycleWe’ve been demonstrating how easy it is to sprout your seeds on the go with Mingo’s Big Pink Sprouting Bicycle.

In the middle of the bicycle are bags of different varieties, aduki, lentil, sunflower seed and mungbean. The bags let out the water and let in some daylight.

At the back of the bicycle, you can see how running a rotational system of four jam jars adapted for sprouting provides a daily supply of fresh sprouted seeds.

At the front of the bicycle, a sieve and bowl system caters for special occasions, when you are cooking for a larger group of hungry bellies and need an especially large number of sprouts.

Why eat sprouted seeds?
Firstly, there is lots of nutrition and protein in sprouted seeds. More than dry seeds. Secondly, they can be used in all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes, adding texture and form.

More nutrients than dry seeds?
Sprouting seeds increases the nutrients we can absorb through our digestion and reduces farting, parp, parp! This is because the seed begins to generate more nutrients as it starts to be a plant. Secondly, if you don’t soak your beans well before eating then the phytates, which are a natural chemical in the bean, can reduce the minerals and vitamins you absorb from digestion.

Where shall we go next with Mingo’s Big Pink Sprout Bike?

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