About Us

Welcome to Secret Seed Society!


Secret Seed Society aims to spread the fun of growing and cooking your own food with children.

Kids active in the garden and the kitchen gain life-skills, a connection with nature and a healthy attitude to food.

Join us in sowing the seeds of healthier happier living.


Amy & Shena Cooper

Mother and daughter team dreamt up and brought to life Secret Seed Society in 2009. Shena and Amy Cooper, who believe in engaging young children with the natural world, and understanding where their food comes from want all children to experience the magic of growing vegetables from seed, and making edible concoctions with what they grow.

Seed City Story & Seed Packs:

We are growing famous for our Story & Seed Pack series.

At the heart of the series is Seed City where over 40 vegetable characters, such as Rudi Radish, Sanghita Spring Onion and Peter Parsnip, reside. Each pack contains a storybook, organic vegetable seeds to grow the lead character, a recipe to eat what is grown. All children are welcome to join the online Seed Agent Club where they and their parents can share experiences, questions and tips.

We are a family business who believe in producing a quality product. The books are printed in the UK on FSC and recycled paper with vegetable inks and the vegetables seeds are organic!

To order a Story & Seed Pack visit our shop we have a pack for cress, mung bean sprouts, radishes, carrots, rocket, try something new!

All our seed varieties are carefully selected so they can be grown indoors or in small spaces.

Seed Agent Club:

What’s a Seed Agent? All children who grow seeds and eat vegetables can proudly call themselves Seed Agents. Seed Agents can sign up for the Seed Agent Newsletter, an email that gives them seasonal news, and celebrates a Seed Agent of the Month. We love to hear from our Seed Agents send us your news, pictures, and photos.

The aim of this website is to stimulate ideas for gardening, cooking and seedy fact missions. Please use it to get the information and ideas to get active and hands-on whenever possible. Who wants to become a catch potato or a lazy laptop leek!

In order to make a safe but stimulating site for your children to browse, each article is carefully reviewed and monitored before publication.

School Interactive Healthy Eating Show

Secret Seed Society also run the School Interactive Healthy Eating Show called ‘What’s the Big Secret?!’ It takes young children on a theatrical journey where they are able to learn the fun of healthy eating through a variety of memorable sing-a-long-songs and lively activities. The show is generally 1 hour long and up for 100 children aged 3-8 years old.

Reading stories, learning facts, digging in the ground, nurturing something delicate, questioning everything, experimenting with taste and smell… all the fun and excitement of a healthy lifestyle.


E-Mail: fun[at]secretseedsociety.com.

Seed H.Q. Studio 013, Netil House, 1a Westgate Street, London E8 3RL.