Is the marketing machine harming children?

Marketeers are very interested in children. Selling to children is a multi-billion pound industry. TV commercials, product placements, cartoons, online games, school book covers, bus radio, mobile alerts, sponsorships…just like us, children are blasted with advertising everywhere from the moment they are born. It’s getting hard to find nappies that are unbranded!

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“Struggling to think of gifts for little people? asks Inspired Times

Shh…it’s a secret!

The Secret Seed Society is on a mission to get children curious about the food they eat and encourage healthier options.

With a number of imaginative, beautifully illustrated books, they give kids an insight into vegetables and sprouting plus activities including growing the produce themselves. With an interactive website full of Secret Seed Agent tasks, the kids discover a wide variety of activities to encourage their curiosity, find out what worms get up to and enjoy recipes for making savoury or sweet muffins! Continue reading

“If you have a child or even if you don’t, get yourself a pack!” says Julian Juniper

Review by Julian Broadhead

Having drinks with friends recently, conversation turned to childhood and the passions we’d developed at a young age (cooking, fishing, rhythm and blues), as well as those things that we wished we’d spent more time on (almost universally languages and learning musical instruments). For me however, whilst I could have spent more time learning Spanish and playing the guitar, I also regret not learning more about plants and growing things in general. Unfortunately, despite two green-fingered parents, I regarded any invitation to help in the garden as a thinly veiled attempt to extract some child labour.

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