Sophie Grigson helped by aspiring young chef.

Sophie Grigson is a great supporter of encouraging young children to cook. She demonstrates how to make wonderful tasty dishes with the freshest ingredients and her young helpers can not resist a taste. She shows how easy it is to involve your family in the cooking process and how this will encourage children to eat a wide variety of foods and to understand where their food comes from.

Tom helps Sophie whisk up an Italian Cake

Sophie Grigson encouraging children to get cooking.

Here she is with a young helper at the local food show in Northampton.

Growing plants from cuttings with a propagator

Babs Beetroot gives us her top tips on growing plants from cuttings.

“Imagine being able to cut a limb off, an arm or a leg, plant it in water and watch a new person grow from it. As a human this sounds crazy. However with some plants you can cut off part of the living stem and with a bit of care and patience you can grow a new plant. While a human would need to go to hospital if they cut an arm or a leg off, if you are careful when taking a cutting from a plant it will remain healthy. I would recommend asking people before you take a cutting from their favourite plant, most people say yes, and then within a year you’ll have your very own.”
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Children’s recipe for mince sauce for spaghetti or jacket potatoes or pizza

Susan shows her new recipe book.

Diabetic Diva Susan with her latest recipe book.

I asked our friend Susan also known as Diabetic Diva whether she had some recipes that children could cook with their grown up.

Diabetic recipes are ‘Healthy’ because they have limited amounts of refined sugars and salts so if you want more healthy recipes take a look at her website.
Remember you don’t have to be diabetic to enjoy Susan’s tasty recipes, in fact eating these healthy feasts can help prevent you becoming diabetic so tuck in!
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