Growing plants from cuttings with a propagator

Babs Beetroot gives us her top tips on growing plants from cuttings.

“Imagine being able to cut a limb off, an arm or a leg, plant it in water and watch a new person grow from it. As a human this sounds crazy. However with some plants you can cut off part of the living stem and with a bit of care and patience you can grow a new plant. While a human would need to go to hospital if they cut an arm or a leg off, if you are careful when taking a cutting from a plant it will remain healthy. I would recommend asking people before you take a cutting from their favourite plant, most people say yes, and then within a year you’ll have your very own.”
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Gardening Mission: How to Make a Cloche

One of the most important things to remember when you are gardening is to make sure that your plants are well looked after and protected. ┬áThere are lots of things that can effect how well your plants grow – cold weather, frost, heavy rain and even bugs! ┬áThe more you can do to prevent your plants being damaged the better.

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