The Man With Unusual Fruit…

Look at this man

His apple is tiny! It's so small that you could probably fit 7 of them inside one regular supermarket bought apple! Anyway...

He is the Man with Unusual Fruit and Veg.

Menka met him the other day. He spends his life in search of vegetable oddities, like the teensy apple you can see him holding above.

A lot of people think vegetables should look normal but because there are so many kinds of fruit and vegetable that there isn’t really such thing as normal.

Look at all these craaaaaazy veg varieties we’ve found!…

Purple Potatoes!

Extra long leeks!

Even carrots that look like Buzz-Lightyear!

And people can be weird too…

Here’s another example: the Man with Unusual Fruit and Vegetables gave Menka a yellow cauliflower. It’s actually very beautiful. Look at it:

Menka was so amazed and inspired by the yellow cauliflower, have a look what happened to her!

She went cauli-crazy!

Menka turned yellow with cauli-power!

The Man with Unusual Fruit and Vegetables has a name, you know. He’s called Mark and he works at Ash Green Organics.
Thank you Mark with Unusual Fruit and Vegetables for showing Menka your unusual vegetables!

Flipping all year long

Today is Pancake Day! Also called Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday if you take part in Lent. It’s traditionally a day to eat up all sorts of yummy things in your house that you are promising not to eat during Lent, like chocolate. It’s a long month if you’re giving up your junkiest habit so first of all you need to eat a shed-load of pancakes.

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Seed Agents forage for blackberries.

We are always pleased to get your photos. This is a photo of two Seed Agents, hard at work dodging the prickly brambles to forage blackberries from a hedge near where they live.

Foraging means finding food in the wild. At different times of the year their are different things on offer in the wild.

Picking food for free from the autumn hedgerow

Delicious! Evie can not resist the blackberry taste.



Have you foraged? if so please share your pics with us. send them to

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Seed Agent: Bodhi, 5 year old, from Massachusetts USA

Bodhi the proud red pepper grower

This is Bodhi, age 5, who lives in Falmouth, Massachusetts USA
He likes to grow beans, radishes, cucumbers, and red peppers. Here is a pepper he picked just before it was completely red so that he could have it, and not share with a pesky squirrel..
Bodhi loves to grow flowers too. These are some moon flowers that he tried for the first time this summer.


Would you like to be one of our featured Seed Agents on send us an email with a photo of you and what you have grown. Your name and a bit about what vegetables you like to grow.