Top tips to stop bugs eating your veg

Are garden beasties eating your freshly grown veg before you can?

Earthworms are excellent friends in the garden Here are our top tips to help you identify pests and protect plants with environmentally friendly and economical ammunition.

If you spend your time sowing, watering and looking after plants we think it’s only fair that you get to eat some of the garden too.

Creepy crawlies are important to keeping your garden healthy so before you point a finger of blame at every creepy crawly in your garden check out our guide.
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Celebrations at the Watercress Festival!

It’s that time of year again – a day full of everything cress-like and boy does that let you in for a peppery treat!  It’s the annual Watercress Festival!

Not only are there food stalls and numerous cookery demonstrations there is the chance to have a tour round a real watercress farm and have your photo taken with one of the falcons that help protect the cress from any unwanted visitors.

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