Meet Babs Beetroot!

They say I am a tom-boy but I like to dress up in my ra-ra skirt, even if its a bit grubby after all my adventures with Rio and Albon.

Why, it was only the other day that I got bird poop on my head! URHGHH!!!!!!

If you want to find out why, have a look at ‘A Frisbee to Fly’.

Meet Albon Asparagus!

I always have a ‘top tip’ for helping my friends – wherever there is a problem in Seed City I come up with a cunning solution.

I love to go on adventures with Babs and Rio.  They are my very best mates and when they get into terrible trouble I am always there to help . . . . or are they the ones that help me?

Meet Rio Rocket!

Just like my namesake Rio Ferdinand I am super fast and fit. I like to be out and about with my friends leading them on all sorts of adventures.

My favourite place to be in Seed City is Leafy Lane Park. If it’s very hot I go down by the lido, otherwise I like to throw my frisbee or kick a football about with a friend like Albon Asparagus.

Meet PC Pea Pod

I am very important in Seed City keeping Seed City crime free and helping Seedizens when there is a problem. I like to make a noise where-ever I go. If I see any trouble, I blow my whistle loudly…Although recently it was stolen!

I love my car with its siren ‘wheow, wheow’!  See it in action in Rio Rocket ‘A Frisbee to Fly’.