Meet Grandpa Swede

I am a grandpa now and I really love being with the young Seedlings. They often have problems and I am pleased to say they are always asking me for advice. I don’t always know the answer but I tell them tales from my life.

Most of the time I am up on my allotment growing food. It is usually so peaceful up there but I did once let Rudi Radish and his friends do their band practice in my shed. That was noisy!!!


Meet Bruno Broadbean!

Two seedy sandwiches with extra lettuce coming up! Hey Mingo can you deliver these please?

It’s a busy day at the Seedy Cafe. I’m Bruno Broadbean the barista and I run this place. We make about a hundred lunches every day, we’re really rushed off our feet. Ali Alfalfa works here too but even with her around it’s a lot of work…

Meet Camilla Cabbage!

Phew! I’ve been working hard in the garden today with my husband Spiro Spinach. Our daughter Chrissie helped too, but then she ran off to collect the eggs from our hens here at City Farm.

It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like, there’s always something you can be planting, growing or picking!