How to grow microgreens with children

Chrissie Cress, uncovers the latest fashion for microgreens and how easy it is to grow your own.
What are Microgreens? Microgreens are leafy vegetables harvested when the stem and leaf are roughly 3-5cm high.
How to grow Microgreens: Microgreens can be grown indoors, all year round. Some daylight is required. If you would like to grow something indoors without daylight try sprouting.
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Growing plants from cuttings with a propagator

Babs Beetroot gives us her top tips on growing plants from cuttings.

“Imagine being able to cut a limb off, an arm or a leg, plant it in water and watch a new person grow from it. As a human this sounds crazy. However with some plants you can cut off part of the living stem and with a bit of care and patience you can grow a new plant. While a human would need to go to hospital if they cut an arm or a leg off, if you are careful when taking a cutting from a plant it will remain healthy. I would recommend asking people before you take a cutting from their favourite plant, most people say yes, and then within a year you’ll have your very own.”
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