TED talk “Adventures with Vegetables”

Humans love vegetables; so why aren’t we eating them? Amy Cooper looks at how the techniques of junk food marketing have led us into a battle with obesity and talks engagingly about her quest to use child power, emotional resonance and our thirst for adventure to get people back into growing, cooking and eating

Expert runner bean grower’s tips

Runner Beans are not only delicious but very pretty.

Mark's runner bean flowers need the bees to form beans

Mark Ridsdill Smith is also called the Vertical Gardener (not because he is very tall but because he is an expert in gardening in a small space which means growing vertically). Here are his tips to help you win the Giant Bean Competition.

1. Runners grow best with lots of water – so use a large pot (easier to keep well watered) or a container with a water reservoir (like an Earthbox)

2. They need pollinating by bees – so it can be fun and beneficial to grow some insect attracting flowers nearby.

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How Secret Seed Helps Learning

What we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and do gives us six main ‘pathways to learning’. Young people are intensely curious and should be given the opportunity to use all of their senses to explore the world around them.

The potential for learning is maximised if we use the powerful combination of visual, audio and kinaesthetic (doing) ways of learning as well as providing children with the freedom to be creative and informally learn through play. The value of learning outside  the classroom is now forming part of many new educational initiatives, and the ethos of SSS’s work is to compliment and facilitate this. We can help you with our interactive theatre show, workshops and lesson ideas

The educational value of SSS means that it is addressing statutory curricular requirements within a cross-curricular and creative way.
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