Tips to Start Growing in Spring

Germination: is the process of a seed bursting open and sprouting into a plant. Most seeds take warmth as a sign to begin germinating. When you feel warm sun on your skin, think of your seeds. Whether they are in pots on windowsills or in the ground outside, they will be feeling the warmth too. Here’s Rudi Radishes tips on germinating indoors and outdoors…

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Win Tickets to meet your favourite Gardeners and hear how to grow even more!

Win tickets to meet your favourite gardeners at GIY in Birmingham at the University on July 20th.
Alys Fowler, Mark Diacono, Mr Vertical Veg himself and many more.

Read all about it here GIY


Kids preparing the ground to plant their seeds

Children love to grow

Send us a picture of your young grower with what they are growing to or direct to our phone 07968535020. Include your e-mail or telephone number. We will choose the one we like the best to win 2 tickets. Entrance closes midday Wednesday 17th July.

We will be posting some of our favourite pictures on our web-site to encourage even more kids to join in gardening fun.

Great Fruit & Vegetable Gifts for Kids

Secret Seed Society Shop has a collection of original, ethical and¬†educational presents to be enjoyed by children and grown-ups together. The fruit & vegetable characters from the stories are loveable. From Rudi Radish to PC Pea Pod, every fruit and vegetable has a different story to tell and by collecting the storybooks you meet over 40 different characters. Each storybook comes with a packet of seeds to grow the lead character on your windowsill or in your garden. Kids love being part of a club and helping out, by being a ‘Seed Agent’ of the Secret Seed Society kids learn how to enjoy gardening and cooking fruit & vegetables.

Gardening & cooking

Chrissie Cress’ or Mingo Mungbean’s Story & Seed Pack.
I recommend either of these packs for a super speedy, indoor growing adventure.
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