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Gardening & Growing

Garden Organic

– A very well established charity for organic growing that do great research and schools programmes. There are good ideas for days out here too.

Mr Digwell

– Mr. Digwell used to have a newspaper column showing you how to garden, but uses his website to sell gardening equipment and vegetables.

National Wildlife Federation

– A website full of fun stuff for North American gardeners. It’s really well put together. Just click on the Kids bit at the top.

Kiddie Gardens

– Wow! There’s a lot of information here! Full of good advice. There aren’t many pictures, but if you’re a good reader you’ll learn loads.

Natural Gardener

– What a brilliant website. Another one with shed-loads of information, including a lot of good stuff about the creepy-crawlies who gnaw on plants. You can also buy lots of gardening equipment from their online shop.

Balcony Gardener

– Here you can buy a load of plants and gardening things for your balcony. And if you don’t have a balcony, you can use windowboxes. And if you don’t have a window, you can use your socks. And if you don’t have a sock, use your shoulder.

My Tiny Plot

– A blog about veg and cooking with lots of helpful advice and colourful photos.

Royal Horticultural Society

‘Gardening for All’ – what a message! Perfecto. If you’re into gardening you should join up and explore their excellent site.

Land Share

– If you love gardening or have land available for growing on please sign up to Landshare. This is a great place to meet people and share space for growing.

Biodynamic Agricultural Association

– The BAA was founded about 80 years ago and is dedicated to a very particular kind of farming based on extra special consideration of what soil to use and so on. You should read about it all on their website.

Permaculture Association

– The Permaculture Association teaches the idea of Permaculature, which is designing places so that they work with natural processes, so waste processes are reused and everything is encouraged to be natural.

National Farming Union

– Organise farm visits for children. Lots of information about farming and local foods.

Allotment Vegetable Growing

РAllotment diaries, photographs, advice about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs with a forum for chatting on the plot.

Cooking Food

The Big Lunch

– The Big Lunch is a simple idea from the Eden Project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, which aims to encourage as many people in the UK as possible to have lunch with their neighbours once a year, for a few hours of community, friendship and fun.

Face Your Food

– What face do you pull when chomping on a celery stick?

Slow Food UK

– A not-for-profit all about food production and healthy chomping.


– Suma make lovely wholesome foods. You can buy from them online, and keep an eye out for them on shop shelves around the country.

TIO Organics

– Our friends at TIO love carrots and root veg. They have good recipes facts about carrots. They even promise a ‘carrot jam’, although they haven’t put the recipe up yet…

Outings & Events

The Wildlife Trusts

– Find your local nature reserve!

Royal Botanic Gardens

– A scientific institution with a great collection of living and preserved plants, plant products and botanical information. Kew forms an encyclopaedia of knowledge about the plant kingdom!

Cottesbrooke Hall & Gardens

– Excellent English and French furniture along with formal and wild gardens developed by distinguished landscape designers!

Northamptonshire Food Show

– Northamptonshire’s finest food and drink event at Holdenby on 28th & 29th August 2011. A two day event with live food cooking demonstrations, food and drink exhibitors, family entertainment, falconry displays and much more!

The Big Lunch

– The Big Lunch is a simple idea from the Eden Project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, which aims to encourage as many people in the UK as possible to have lunch with their neighbours once a year, for a few hours of community, friendship and fun.

Eden Project

– Humungous domes in Cornwall, full of rainforests and plantlife from around the world. Doesn’t it sound amazing! The Eden Project is a brilliant place to learn.

Butterfly World Project

– Another massive, impressive project with domes! This one is in St. Albans, with designer gardens and is full of tens of thousands of butterflies, fluttering all over the place. When it’s finished it will even have an Aztec pyramid.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage

That Hugh’s a busy guy! You probably know his River Cottage television show, but have you seen all the recipes and tips on his website?

National Trust

– The National Trust protect and curate historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments all across the country. Discover your nearest National Trust area on their site and visit it with a packed lunch, that’s my advice.

English Heritage

– English Heritage does some similar work to the National Trust but are different because they advise the Government how to tell everybody about our cultural monuments and other things.


The Wildflower Patch

– Create your very own wildflower garden with these beautiful native plants to help attract lots of birds and the bees into your garden.

Wildlife Watch

– Wildlife fun for kids. An exciting way to explore your surroundings and get closer to the wildlife.

Make it and Mend it

– A community to share ideas and inspiration to empower everyone to re-use more and throw away less.

Love Food Hate Waste

– A campaign to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste.


– Don’t throw it away, give it away. Saving things you no longer use from landfill.

Just For the Love of It

– Reconnect with people. Learn new skills and share skills, tools, advice or information.

Energy Saving Trust

– Stop wasting energy. Free and impartial advice on how to save energy.


– Providing environmental sustainability services including food, health, transport, waste minimisation, consultation and event management.

Start UK

– The Prince’s Charities Foundation promoting and celebrating sustainable living for a energy efficient, cleaner and healthier future.

Soil Association

– Soil Association promote ‘planet-friendly food’ with community projects. One of their main projects is getting rid of lousy school food, so everybody’s happy about that.

Forestry Commission

24 million – trees are planted every year by the Forestry Commission. Think of all the paper we use all the time – it’s the Forestry Commission who make sure more trees are planted to replace the ones we cut down.

Ethical On-line Retailers

Wiggly Wigglers

– Pet worms! Own your own. And get all the kit right here: see-through wormlands where you can watch them eat wriggle and poop pathways through the soil.

Living Ethically

– This is a shopping directory intended to help people make more ethical choices about what they buy. They have heaps of stuff there.

Seed Pantry

At Seed Pantry you can get all kinds of seeds and pots for growing them in. If you don’t have a garden just use a windowsill!

Little Scout

– Little Scout is an online shop specially designed for little boys who want to discover, build and conquer the world. They have great den-building toys and stuff like that.


– Mimimyne is all about stylish organic baby-clothes. There are tons of things to choose from, including stuff for the garden: so you can step off the catwalk and have some real fun in the mud!

Green Baby

– More clothes! Greenbaby have a huge selection of organic cotton baby clothes for children up to the age of 6. Grown Ups should find some shrinking potions so they can wear some.


Okido Magazine

– This magazine called Okido is all about natural things like science and growing, and is made by lots of talented designers and graphic artists. The illustrations are always fantastic!

Anorak Magazine

– Anorak is the happy mag for kids. Kids write a lot of the reviews and articles. Each issue has a different theme, like Books, or Birds, or Daredevils…

Healthy Living

Eco Schools

– Is your school an Eco-School? That is the question. Eco-Schools are sustainable, the recycle and save energy, and the movement is driven by children instead of grown-ups.


– Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer is the message. Lots of information and help for people who want to get more active.

Veg Box Companies

Riverford Organics

– An organic veg-box service that delivers lots of different kinds of either fruit or vegetable box to your door. This is great for gardeners who can’t get a single bean to sprout!

Abel & Cole

– Abel & Cole are another vegetable box company that you might like to use, even if you can grow your own vegetables.

On-line Retailers: Suppliers

You can also buy our packs online from:


– UK’s largest book retailer.


– World’s largest online retailer.

All Things Green

– Fantastic online catalogue with great gardening gifts for kids.

MiMi Myne

– Cuddly and creative toys for babies and children.


– A wonderful solar powered website with everything you need to know to become environmentally aware.

Ethical Community

– A purely ethical marketplace full of fun gardening gifts for kids.