This brussel sprout is off to the park

This brussel sprout is off to the park

While some children were hunting for chocolate eggs at their local shopping centre this past Easter, young visitors at The Mall Walthamstow were being initiated to the ways of the Secret Seed Society. The UK-based organisation, which works on urban food education as well as growing and expressive projects, brought its workshops to the centre to promote healthy eating and vegetable fun. Among the highlights: a stop-motion video that more than 50 children helped produced and which was set to Grow Food, a hip-hop track by America’s Appetite for Change.

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What’s a propagator?

My propagator

A propagator creates the perfect conditions for growing vegetables from seeds, keeping the soil moist and the air warm. You can buy a propagator like this in our shop
made out of recycled plastic and designed for re-use. You can craft a propagator out of a plastic food or drink container. By using a propagator your seedlings should be showing within a week.

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I want to be a Farmer! Meet Brandon

Brandon Farmer 1

Meet Brandon, 17 year old, urban farmer.

From the age of 3 everything Brandon wanted to do was animal based. He begged his parents to take him to the zoo and farms. He had dogs and cats for pets. He thought about being a zoo keeper but it’s hard to get work experience at a zoo or a pet shop at 11 years old.

Stepney City Farm
When funding allows, Stepney City Farm gives people of all ages the chance to learn about farming. For a young animal enthusiast, being able to be hands-on with caring for the animals was a dream and Brandon decided to pursue farming as a career.
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