I want to be a Farmer! Meet Amy & Dan

lamb dan

Do you want to be a farmer?

‘Yes, The great outdoors, fresh air, creating an edible landscape, being your own boss and hanging out with sheep and pigs.’
‘No, not me! It’s hard work, it’s smelly, muddy and I can’t even keep cress alive on my windowsill, I have the least green fingers, I would starve.’

We’ve all sang Old McDonald had a farm and can draw our idea of a farmer, a well-fed man, layers of jumpers, a Barbor coat, wellies and a red tractor but what do we know about the life of a farmer today? When was the last time you met a farmer? And who would you send your CV to if you wanted to be a farmer?

I went to the Oxford Real Farming Conference in search of today’s happy farmers, to find out how they got into it and what life is really like.
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EAT YOUR LANTERN – Four Easy Pumpkin Recipes

It’s Pumpkin season. Here are 4 delicious recipes: toasted pumpkin seeds, spiced pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin spaghetti and frozen pumpkin yogurt desert. So don’t waste a thing when you carve your lantern this year. Happy Halloween!


Make a pumpkin lantern and a four course meal!

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10 best vegetables to grow with kids

Here’s Secret Seed Society’s recommendation¬†of the 10 best vegetables for you and your children to grow from seed. We’ve chosen them for their variety in colour, flavour, shape and seasonality. This selection of vegetable seeds will teach your children about how a seed germinates, the conditions seeds need to grow into healthy plants, which parts of plants we can eat and how to harvest them. You can meet all of these vegetables in our Story & Seed Packs.

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