Child-friendly Recipes

Cooking from scratch is an activity that can be enjoyed by all the ages. It is a great way for kids (and adults alike) to gain practical life skills while having fun.

Family-friendly recipes that are:

– flexible around the ingredients you have to hand, so you can take advantage of what’s in surplus because it’s in season or what you have leftover.
– affordable to make using basic ingredients and teaching the value of using dried goods.
– encouraging experimentation
– safe for kids to take part in some of the jobs and develop their skills.
– encourage curiosity about where your food comes from
– to respect the value of food and not waste it
– to understand and to enjoy a healthy balanced diet

Go on! Invite the kids into the kitchen, pull up your sleeves and immerse yourself in one of our growing collection of child-friendly recipes…

Easy recipe for kids to cook tarts

Child-friendly recipes:

Potato Pizza


Vegetable Tartlets

Vegetable Soup

Veg Patch Stew

Apple Crumbly Muffins

Baked Fruit

Harry Birtwistle’s Magnificent Plum Cake

Easy Elderflower Cordial


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