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What is the Seed Agent Club?

The Seed Agent Club is the club for Seed Agents!

Um, okay, but… What is a Seed Agent?

A Seed Agent is anyone who loves the adventure of growing, cooking and eating vegetables. If you like to know about the bugs in your garden, facts about how things grow and experimenting with new flavours in the kitchen then you’ll love being a Seed Agent


Oooh! That sounds like me!

Sign up on the form below and consider yourself part of the club. We won’t send you anything other than Seed Agent news and competitions.

Would you like to be Seed Agent of the Month?

Send us a photo of you in your garden or kitchen with news about what you have been up to and you might get featured on our website.

So Secret Seed Society send Seed Agents stuff… Can we send stuff to you?

Of course! That is the whole point of the Seed Agent Club! Send us your pictures, your story, tales of what you have been up to, photos of your garden, of the recipes you have cooked, send us anything you like.

Our email address is:

And our Seed HQ can be found here:
Seed H.Q. Studio 013, Netil House, 1a Westgate Street,
London E8 3RL.

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